Dance And Create Beautiful Memories With Angelina Ballerina

Do you have children who just adore Angelina Ballerina, the dancing mouse? 
If the answer is yes, you should plan a family day of fun and enrol your kids in an Angelina Ballerina dance class! Your kids will have the time of their lives as they learn how to dance under the tutelage of the lovable Angelina Ballerina! 

Come and Meet The Dancing Angelina

Angelina Ballerina is one of the most iconic cartoon characters ever created for children. Children all over the world love her because of her very colourful story which resonates with children and parents alike.

Children love and enjoy her playfulness and her bubbly personality! Kids also learn a lot from the TV series such as the value of honesty, loving your friends, and being helpful to everyone around you. Because of this success, a book on the character was published almost every year by Aurum Press (so far, there have been 22 best-selling books).

Children love watching her antics and adventures on screen. She teaches children to just be themselves and have fun with things they are passionate about. Even children who were born at the age of computers connect with the series very well.

Well, now you can bring your children to meet Angelina Ballerina in Johor, Malaysia! Watch their eyes twinkle whilst dancing around with the cute, dancing ballerina.

Put a Tutu on and Twirl Around

At the Angelina Ballerina dance studio, children can attend interactive dance lessons with Angelina Ballerina. A dance instructor is also at hand to help with the steps and lessons.

You don’t have to prepare anything as all the materials needed for the dance lessons are provided by the theme park. These include tutu dresses, dance shoes, and quirky mouse ears.

The lessons are focused on ballet so they involve a lot of jumping and twirling. What better activity to use their never-ending energy than this?

The dance floor is big enough to accommodate dozens of children. Learning how to dance is made easier through large screens showing the dance steps for the lessons. It truly is an experience that most young girls will love and enjoy.

Most children love and enjoy dancing because it’s interactive and it gives them the chance to have fun with other kids. This fact is the very foundation of Angelina Ballerina’s existence. Your kids will surely enjoy every second they spend with Angelina Ballerina.

Also included in the activities are Angelina Ballerina games. These could be dancing games or activities inspired by scenes from the books and television series inspired by the character.

Participate in the Events

The Angelina Ballerina theme park doesn’t just offer interactive dance lessons. It also offers exciting events like meet and greets. As a parent, you get to introduce your child to Angelina Ballerina yourself.

These meet and greets usually happen before a live show and the scheduled dance lessons. This way, the children get to know more about the character before the games and lessons begin. You are sometimes allowed to participate in these games and lessons. 

Dance classes by Angelina Ballerina are scheduled every weekday from 1:30 PM to 3:00 PM.

On weekends, the lessons start 12:00 PM and end at 3:00 PM. It’s best that you arrive at the venue at least 30 minutes before showtime to ensure that you don’t miss the pre-dance activities like meet and greets and games.

Other Fun Activities

Aside from having fun with and see Angelina Ballerina dance, there are other exciting events that your children can enjoy at the park. Puteri Harbour is home to other iconic children’s characters like:

BarneySir                              Topham Hatt                             Pingu                           Bob the Builder                      Thomas and Friends

Just like with Angelina Ballerina, your children can meet and greet and interact with all of these popular characters. There are also regular stage performances by Barney, Bob the Builder, and Thomas and Friends. The schedules of these live stage shows are as follows:


  • Bob the Builder: Hide and Seek in Sunflower Valley – 12:00 PM on weekdays, 1:00 PM on weekends 
  • Thomas Sodor Surprise – 2:00 PM on weekdays, 3:00 PM on weekends
  • Barney Show – 3:30 PM on weekdays, 1:00 PM on weekends

How To Reach Us

Meet Angelina in the Little Big Club, an indoor theme park situated at the Puteri Harbour complex.

To book your tickets for Angelina Ballerina in Malaysia, just visit the official Puteri Harbour website and complete the booking process. You can reserve specific dates and time for your visit. For general information inquiries, you can at the following numbers: 1-300-88 FAMILY (326459) and +63-2203-9668 (OVERSEAS). 

Not sure about the best way to arrive at the Little Big Club? Click here for a detailed instruction.

So if you’re looking for a fun getaway for you and your kids, the Angelina Ballerina dance studio is the perfect destination for you. As we mentioned earlier, it’s a great way of giving your kids the chance to live their dreams of becoming ballerinas.

So what are you waiting for? Book your tickets now