Barney! The Beloved Purple Dinosaur

“I love you, you love me, we are happy family!”

Are you familiar with these lyrics? If so, you must have heard them from your kids! It’s one of the most iconic tunes of Barney & Friends, a TV show which features the huggable purple dinosaur. Millions of children (and their parents) around the world have sung this song tirelessly!

Since its first show in 1992, Barney has become iconic for its child-focused elements. Barney highlights the traits of sharing, caring, and imagination. Through timeless, catchy songs and infectious dance, Barney and his friends show that everything is better when everyone is happy. This is why kids love him so much! His show tackles the little things that kids can relate to, in a really fun way. With this, he fills them with positive thoughts.

Let’s Play Together at the Barney Playhouse!

Welcome to where all the magic happens! The Barney Playhouse is designed just like the set in the TV series, and the little ones will surely recognise its wooden cottage-like vibe. Walk up the wooden steps and explore the world behind the camera!

There are also screens here where you can watch the show along with your kids. Relive some of the best episodes and rediscover the magic of childhood here. There are toys to keep you busy as you flop down on beanbag chairs, so you can have a little bonding fun with the kids.

The area even comes with its own little corner that simulates the green outdoors! Barney’s Yard, adjacent to the Playhouse, is where the kids can have a great time climbing, sliding, and exploring.

Of course, not every child has the opportunity to play around “outdoors” these days. But under the watchful eyes of Baby Bop and B.J. (and of course, the guardian), kids can have a blast.

On the other side of the Playhouse, you have a gazebo-style area where you can just rest after the activities. While there isn’t a Barney ride, there are also photo opportunities, as images of Barney and friends will greet visitors at every turn. If you miss the comfy beanbag chairs inside, there’s a couple of them outside between the gazebo and the Playhouse.

Don’t Miss out on the Barney Live Show!

Sing and dance with the purple dino, live on stage! Barney comes up every weekday at 3:30 PM and weekends at 1 PM. This live show features some of the best-known Barney songs that children can sing and dance to!

It’s great to see all the little ones having fun, and even their parents and guardians can join in. And even if you’re not a fan, you can watch the Barney show live to see just how infectious the show’s charm is.

Get to hear iconic Barney songs such as “I Love You” and “Everyone Is Special”, and get cheered up by the lively dances. You also get to see Barney interact with other actors in a child-friendly story! And he’s not just on stage, the little ones can also get up close and personal with the beloved character.

Watch out as well for those numbers where Barney joins the other members of the Little Big Club! Seeing Barney performing with Pingu, Angelina, and Bob the Builder is an amazing experience for the kids.

Aside from this, kiddie fans can also get to meet and greet the gang! Barney, Baby Bop, and B.J. are all present every weekday at 4 PM, and weekends at 5:30 PM. Make sure to get those cameras ready, mums and dads!

Other Fun Activities

Barney’s Playhouse and Yard are just two of the many attractions at Puteri Harbour’s Little Big Club. Barney shares the same floor with his pals — Angelina, Pingu, and Bob the Builder! Angelina has her own ballet studio, and Bob has a place where kids can practice their creativity. The floor also has Pingu’s Igloo, which has other fun activities for kids and their parents to try.

Angelina has her own ballet studio, and Bob has a place where kids can practice their creativity. The floor also has Pingu’s Igloo, which has other fun activities for kids and their parents to try.

In case your little one is a birthday celebrant, you can rent out one of the two Fun Rooms in the floor. Gift your child the experience of having their special day graced by the characters of the Little Big Club.

And if you’re up for more fun, there are two other “towns” you can visit in the same Puteri Harbour complex. Hello Kitty fans will have a blast at the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town, complete with Kitty’s house! There are also various activities here, including jewellery making and a nail salon.

Those who love Thomas the Tank Engine will also love Thomas Town, where kids can access various rides. From the famous train to Toby’s Windmill Ride, it’s a great place to spend the extra energy left after climbing around Barney’s Yard.