If you don’t already know, the Little Big Club is an indoor theme park in Johor made just for kids. It’s a great place for a family outing during the school holidays. Featuring timeless cartoon characters your children will recognise like Hello Kitty, Barney, Bob the Builder, and more, prepare for an enjoyable day at the Little Big Club! Here are a few of the fun attractions you should not miss.


1. Knapford Station Thomas Train Ride

Thomas Town, Little Big Club

Thomas Town, Little Big Club (Photo Credit: puteriharbour.com)

Transport yourself to Thomas the Tank Engine’s world at Thomas Town in the Little Big Club. Take a ride aboard Thomas and tour the Knapford Station. While you’re in Thomas Town, you’ll also have the chance to meet Thomas’ friends. Apart from the Thomas Train Ride, the little ones will be delighted to embark on the other exciting rides including Harold’s Helitours ride, Bertie the Bus ride, Windmill ride, and the Colin Crane Drop.


2. Hello Kitty Tea Cup Ride

Tea Cup Ride, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town

Tea Cup Ride, Sanrio Hello Kitty Town (Photo Credit: urbandesis.com)

Sanrio’s famous Hello Kitty has found herself a home here in Malaysia, the first Hello Kitty theme park outside of Japan. Take a spin on the popular Tea Cup ride in Sanrio Hello Kitty Town – you’ll be giddy with excitement! Getting dizzy? Create your very own Hello Kitty souvenirs at the Wishful Studio or pay a visit to Hello Kitty’s house! Note: To enter Hello Kitty Town, you’ll need to purchase a separate pass or a two-day park pass.


3. Pingu’s Igloo

Pingu's Igloo

Pingu’s Igloo (Photo Credit: puteriharbour.com)

Explore Pingu’s Igloo in the South Pole and enjoy interactive games with your whole family. It features a myriad of arcade games such as Fish with Pingu, Whack-A-Fish, and Pingu’s Water Blaster. The best part? Play as many times as you want because unlike regular arcades, the machines here don’t require any tokens to play! If you’re lucky you might even catch Pingu at his igloo, and you’ll be able to have your picture taken with this playful penguin!


4. Barney’s Playhouse

Barney's Playhouse

Barney’s Playhouse (Photo Credit: cheekiemonkie.net)

Everyone’s favourite purple dinosaur, Barney, happily invites you to a day of fun at Barney’s Playhouse. Fans of the purple dinosaur will love it, as it’s a recreation of the playhouse in the TV series, complete with low slides and climbing structures. All are welcome at Barney’s Playhouse – you might find yourself making new friends and even meeting some of Barney’s friends there. Don’t forget to catch Barney’s sing-a-long show while you’re there!


5. Bob’s Can-Do-Crew

Bob's Can-Do-Crew

Bob’s Can-Do-Crew (Photo Credit: puteriharbour.com)

“Can we fix it?” “Yes, we can!” Bob the builder and his crew have been a constant on television for the past 20 years. Nothing is impossible to fix for them! If you’ve always wanted to be part of Bob’s crew and be a little problem solver, now you can! Join Bob’s Can-Do-Crew at the Little Big Club and help Bob solve a house building puzzle like you’ve always wanted to. Not only do you get to have fun, you get to sharpen your puzzle-solving skills.