Thomas Town & Friends in Johor Bahru

Looking for a fun adventure that your kids will surely love? Explore the Island of Sodor, also known as the Thomas Town Malaysia with Thomas the Tank Engine along with his friends Bertie the Bus, Harold’s Helitours, and Colin Crane Drop. With the different rides, playground, games, and live performances, kids will surely have hours of fun and entertainment to look forward to!


Do your kids love the most charming steam engine locomotive on television? Then look no further, this indoor theme park is perfect for you and your family. Come to the Island of Sodor and have a great adventure at Thomas Town & Friends! More than just trains on tracks, Thomas and Friends in Johor are a different bunch. They offer a fun kind of entertainment as they give you a fun tour around Thomas Town and thrilling rides that you’ll surely never forget!

Meet Thomas The Tank Engine Himself


 Thomas, the Tank engine is television’s most famous steam-powered locomotive that is often seen at Knapford Station. With his characteristic blue colour and number 1 painted on his side, Thomas the Tank Engine is designed after prototypical engines. The television and book series follow the adventures of Thomas and his friends as they do their jobs as locomotives of the Island of Sodor.

All this comes to life at Thomas Town Puteri Harbour as rides, games, and performances star Thomas and Friends in Johor. Here, kids can watch them sing and dance, pose for pictures in the meet and greet, and have fun exploring the entire Island of Sodor.

There’s no Thomas Without His Friends

More than just trains on tracks, Thomas and Friends in Johor are a different bunch. They offer a fun kind of entertainment as they give you a fun tour around Thomas Town and thrilling rides that you’ll surely never forget! 

They are Harold the Helicopter, Colin the Crane, Bertie the Bus.

Harold the Helicopter

Thomas and Friends, Harold the Helicopter

Colin the Crane

Thomas and Friends, Colin the Crane

Bertie the Bus

Berties the Bus, Thomas and Friends

Bertie the Bus allows passengers of all ages so that the entire family can have a tour of Sodor. After exploring land vehicles, do not forget to try Harold’s Helitours Ride and Colin Crane Drop Ride. These thrilling rides are for adventurous kids.

Tchoo! Tchoo! Hop on Board with Thomas & Friends in Johor Bahru!

Thomas Town in Johor Bahru boasts of seven amazing attractions to choose from:

Harold’s Helitours Ride

Another friend of Thomas the Tank Engine is a Helicopter named Harold, and he is in charge of the Helitours Ride. One of the main attractions is the ride aboard the most famous train engine, Thomas of the Knapford Station!

Thomas and Friends Johor, Harold the Helicopter



Bertie the Bus

A ride that is perfect for little kids and the entire family is Bertie the Bus. She is a friendly, small, red bus that goes around the whole Thomas Town. Hop on at the station just beside Bumping Buffers Steamies and Diesel Ride.

Thomas and Friends Johor, Bertie the Bus

Colin Crane Drop Ride

For the more adventurous kids, the Colin Crane Drop Ride is a must! On top of this ride, kids can see the entire Island of Sodor, and spot beloved characters of Thomas Town and Friends.

Colin crane drop ride, Thomas and friend Johor Bharu


Windmill Ride

Much like the Colin Crane Drop, the Windmill Ride is another ride that will take you to great heights. This ride promises to take you on a peaceful journey overlooking the Island of Sodor, the entire Thomas Town & his engine-powered friends.Thomas and friends Johor Bharu, the Windmill ride

Bumping Buffers Steamies and Diesel Ride

Race, Bump and Have Fun with your little engineers in our Bumping Steamies and Diesel ride!

Bumping Steamies and Diesel Ride, Thomas and Friends Johor Bharu


Sodar Playground

The Sodor Playground is open for kids of ages 6 to 12, the best place for them to run around, meet, and play with other kids.

the Sodar Playground in Thomas Town Johor

Knapford Station with Thomas

Take a tour of Knapford Station aboard Thomas, your favourite train!

Knapford station thomas train ride, Thomas and Friends Johor




Do not forget to watch the live performances at the Little Big Club! Kids can sing and dance along with the charming characters, and take pictures with them. 

In weekdays, catch the stage performance as well as the meet and greet for Thomas and Friends in Malaysia (entitled Thomas Sodor Surprise) at 2 PM.

On weekends and holidays, don’t miss the events at 3 PM.


The Thomas Town Johor is located in Nusajaya, only around 25 minutes from the Senai International Airport, 20 minutes from Johor Bahru, and 10 minutes from Legoland Resort.

Three different paths lead to Little Big Club:

  • From Kuala Lumpur: Drive through the North-South Highway and look for EXIT 253 (E2). Continue following the signs to Nusajaya and go through EXIT 312, following the signs to Kota Iskandar or Puteri Harbour.
  • From Singapore via the Coastal Highway: Enter from Danga Bay to Coastal Highway and follow the signs to Nusajaya. Use the EXIT 312 and follow the signs leading to Puteri Harbour.
  • From Singapore via the TUAS Second Link and from Senai Airport: Find signs leading to Nusajaya and EXIT 312 (E2). Continue following the sign towards Puteri Harbour.

All the paths make use of EXIT 312 towards Puteri Harbour. Once you reach the roundabout, take the 2nd exit to Persiaran Laksamana and at Bulatan Laksamana, take the 1st exit to Lebuh Laksamana.



Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Kota Iskandar, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor

Persiaran Puteri Selatan, Kota Iskandar, 79100 Nusajaya, Johor


Thomas Town Malaysia is open from Mondays to Sundays, from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Tickets to Thomas Town Johor Bahru cost RM85, while a two-park pass for both Thomas Town and Hello Kitty Town is RM 125. For ticket inquiries and other details, call 1 300 88 FAMILY (326459) for those in Malaysia, and +603 2203 9668 for those outside Malaysia.


Thomas and Friends look forward to greeting you in the Little Big Club!